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 Joffery Inakamono

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PostSubject: Joffery Inakamono   Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:36 pm

Build him Tanky

Make Defense+Endurance D-S

Defense+Endurance = Chakra Damage Blocking, Still vulnerable to Piercing & Bypassing.

Wrath CM-

Tangible creations infused with Acid from his core= Infernal from war3,

Create a technique that induces rage in others

Anger Absorption to either replenish his nega, stamina or anger limit.

1 Physical Based Passive= Improved Success Chances from Ronin Ability which is solely based on good luck=
1 Spiritual Based Passive=
1 Chakra Based Passive= Protection from chakra piercing techs

Ronin Ability= Tychokinesis= Rolls that determine if Joff is able to negate recoil damage, resist pain etc
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Joffery Inakamono
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